C  Ratliff  Creations



Carolyn Ratliff has been involved in artistic endeavors her entire life. As a teenager, she learned to paint and do ceramics.  She has done woodworking, tole painting, beading, rubber stamping, sewing, cooking, stained glass, acrylic painting among her many pursuits.   After pursuing a computer programming career for 30 years, Carolyn became fascinated with kiln fused glass.  She now devotes most of her artistic talents to creating pictures, bowls, plates and other items with kiln fused glass.  Carolyn has shown her work at various local art shows including the Alabama Designer Craftsmen Show.

Artist Statement

The creative process is what motivates my artistic endeavors.  Nature inspires me with the colors and shapes of leaves, flowers, and trees as they reflect the changing seasons.  I enjoy learning as well as experimenting with various techniques and processes in kiln fused glass.  The logic of how glass melts and flows appeals to my logical side.  The beauty of glass draws on all of the artistic endeavors I have pursued through out my life.  I am fascinated with taking my painting knowledge and applying it to glass.  I enjoy art that is pleasing to the eye and to the soul.  Fused glass continues to amaze me and educate me each time I take an idea and produce a complete piece. 

The Process

Each kiln fused glass piece is handmade and begins with Bullseye sheet glass.  After the piece is designed, it is fired in a kiln.  Some pieces are fired multiple times in order to achieve the desired result.  All handmade glass pieces should be hand washed.